Enjoy the Language of Kerala

Malayalam, the language of Kerala, is probably unlike any language you’ve ever heard. You won’t need to know a word of it for this trip, but it’s fun to learn a little. And the staff at the resort always appreciate it when you make the effort to learn a few words of their native language.

Common phrases in Malayalam (written phonetically):

Good morningSUP-rah BAH-dahm
How are youSOO-gah MAH-no?
I am wellSOO-gah MAH-nah
Thank youNAN-hi
Thank you very muchWAH-leh-ray NAN-hi
What is your name?PEH-ren-dah?
See you laterPEE-nay KHA-nahm
See you tomorrowNAH-lay KHA-nahm
See you day after tomorrowMah-tah-NAHL KHA-nahm
Day after tomorrowMah-tah-NAHL
GoodbyePoi veh-reh-TEH

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