Diksha and Gyandev McCord

Diksha and Gyandev McCord

A Firsthand Account

Following is Diksha McCord’s firsthand account of her 2005 Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat in Kerala.

Dear Friend,

I’d like to share with you the highlights of my Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala in 2005. (The 2006 retreat was just as good, by the way, and in some ways even better.)

The simple truth is, at the end of my Ayurvedic treatment, I felt fabulous even though I was carrying the responsibility of leading the entire retreat. As people say: I felt like a million bucks!

I felt completely filled with a wonderful calming, soothing, and uplifting energy. I have never felt so well! And that’s why I want everyone to experience it! It’s worth a million bucks, but you pay much less! Go for it!

A morning consultation with
an ayurvedic doctor

First, let me share why I went on this retreat. I am basically a healthy and fulfilled person, with a healthful diet and lifestyle. I have a great life, but like many people I can get stressed out, I have some aches and pains, and sometimes I don’t have as much energy as I’d like. I wanted to renew my energy and health in a deep way and knew that I couldn’t do it by myself. I have studied Ayurveda and its ability to cleanse and renew the body, and I knew I could benefit from it.

For another perspective—plus some intriguing spiritual insights and a lot of humor—please download Gyandev McCord’s 2006 account: Finding Bliss Beneath a Coconut Canopy (it’s a pdf document)

The experience was more beautiful and beneficial than I’d even imagined. Here are some of the highlights of my healing treatment:

• Each day I met with a knowledgeable and compassionate Ayurvedic doctor who listened carefully and patiently to my description of symptoms and complaints, and prescribed effective healing treatments for me. These Indian practitioners have beautiful poise and tranquility. They are loving and compassionate. Their simplicity and kindheartedness inspired me.

Diksha resting after a refreshing treatment

• The food was exceptional freshly squeezed juices and simple, flavorful dishes that were not too spicy. I enjoyed the candlelight dinners and the different dance and music performances that often took place during dinner.

• During the treatments, I always felt safe and in good hands. The practitioners are quiet and centered; they respect your peaceful space for healing. They are highly trained, experienced and gifted in giving the various treatments, and they pay attention to your personal needs.

• During your massages, you listen to the soothing sound of the waves and the joyful bird songs. After the massages or other treatments, you can relax in a hammock on the grounds or sit on the private beach, enjoying the beauty and letting the healing work on your body and mind.

• Every day at the end of the treatment, you receive the treat of fresh green coconut milk that feels so nurturing and cooling for your nervous system.

Diksha with massage therapist after a treatment

• I deeply enjoyed the satsang (company of other truth seekers). It was special to share this special experience with spiritual friends. We were able to have leisurely meals together and sit and talk as long as we wanted to. Being able to share with others definitely enhanced the experience.

• The retreat is designed to give each person the freedom to do what he or she wants and feels to do. Everything is optional. It’s a wonderful environment for listening to your own needs.

Diksha with Dr. Sandhya,
one of the ayurvedic doctors

During this retreat, I learned a lot about myself. As a Westerner, it is rare to have a chance to be completely quiet in yourself. The treatments put you into a very still and quiet place where you can enjoy total rest and doing nothing. I found that neutral gear gave me time to relax more deeply than ever before, to practice affirmations, to introspect and gain perspective on my life.

The classes helped me to see some of my patterns of behavior that were not beneficial, and what I wanted to do to make changes. They inspired me to treat my body and mind better.

I was able to make important changes during my stay at Somatheeram, and I’ve been very happy to see that they’ve stayed with me as I’ve come back to my busy life.

A staff member greets you for your treatments with a beautiful smile

If anything in the above description appeals to you, then please join us. You will be delighted as well as renewed, I assure you. If you’d like to talk to me about your particular needs, please call me at 800-346-5350. My husband, Gyandev, and I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

In divine friendship,
Diksha McCord

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