Karma Yoga Photo Gallery

Market badri having fun
enjoying service chillin on the ridge at sunset
chatting on the lawn Carrianne helping out
Christmas yogi's devotion in the EL temple
Happy dining room duties alfresco dining
enjoying nature fourth of July escapades
Ganesha during class 2015 group
2016-group guys in prayer at the EL
having a laugh in free time housekeeping joy
jose's noodles group chanting
Sunday service karma yogi brothers
kitchen capers kitchen helper
Lotus lakeside meditation Lotus pose with babaji
melody in temple meditation stone bench meditation
morning schedling in the piazza hatha yoga in the temple
Sanjaya and friend scrubbing sweet potatoes
outdoor yoga SRW fun
Sundara and group by the Yuba River sunrise meditation
sunset in the meadow sunset yogis
sweet serving yogis syncronized table wiping
Trimurti fireplace gathering
walking back from the ridge Dish washing fun
world-wide-yogi's Yoga practice
yogi's in the forest yogi's on the temple steps

Karma Yoga Internships Gallery

farm apprentices- 2011 farmgirl apprentices
wizzing around Ananda Village Yoga interns
yogi's giving love to the goats herding goats
yogi's giving love to the goats yoga in the meadow
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What aspect of the Karma Yoga Program has influenced your life most deeply?
Find Out...

“The Karma Yoga program has been a profound blessing on my life, imprints of which will nurture my soul till the time of my departure from this world. Feelings of compassion, thoughtfulness, devotion, kindness, and love that were masked by worldly delusions have suddenly resurfaced.

“Healthy and delicious vegetarian meals infused with divine love have done a miracle on my perennial health problems of migraines, heartburn, and fatigue. Yoga postures and meditation have been an immense source of inspiration and joy.

“I came to Ananda absolutely confused and leading a reckless life, typical of many people in present society. Three weeks later, I feel renewed strength and courage, a body in harmony with mind, and a vision for a glorious path. Now I truly understand my purpose in this life.”

– Aditya J., San Jose, CA

"I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to join the Karma Yoga family. Not only was this the spiritual adventure I was seeking, but it has been so much more! I am forever changed by the peace, the connection with God, the meditation, the community, and so much more that I will forever carry in my heart." Jeremy

Karma Yogi's Photo Diary...

Karma Yoga spiritual interns during guided morning sadhana

Guided morning sadhana

Karma Yoga spiritual interns blessings the kitchen

Blessing the kitchen

Karma Yoga spiritual interns in the Expanding Light kitchen

Morning scheduling fun

Karma Yoga spiritual interns in the Expanding Light kitchen

Breakfast clean-up

Karma Yoga spiritual interns during guided morning sadhana

Short Meditation before ...

Lunch menu at the Expanding Light


Karma Yoga spiritual interns helping with housekeeping

Afternoon service with joy

Karma Yoga spiritual interns during class

Sadhana - spiritual practices

Karma Yoga spiritual interns during dining room service

After dinner service

Karma Yoga spiritual interns during dining room service

Evening fellowship

Ananda is a worldwide movement to help you realize the joy of your own higher Self. It is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and was founded by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda in 1968.
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