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Ananda Village Internship Program

Experience Living and Serving in the Heart of Ananda Village

One of the most successful Cooperative Spiritual Communities in the World.

Make yoga and meditation part of your daily life. Experience the balance a fully integrated life gives, where body, mind, spirit and feelings are all given equal focus.

Find Spiritual Friendship

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In the Ananda Village Internship Program you will :

  • Apply your skills and learn new ones in farming, gardening, construction, cooking, administration, and more!
  • Explore Paramhansa Yogananda’s Path of Kriya Yoga
  • Deepen your spiritual life and enhance your meditation and yoga practice in the company of like-minded souls
  • Experience communal living at the Internship campsite and be immersed in a beautiful nature setting
  • Enjoy friendship, chanting, spiritual classes, and dynamic community events

Some of the dynamic, fun, and interesting places Ananda Village Interns can serve at Ananda Village include, but are not limited to:

All interns will at first participate in the Karma Yoga Ashram Program before receiving eligibility to enter the Ananda Village Internship Program. The Karma Yoga Ashram Program provides a foundation to Ananda’s spiritual path - energization exercises, Hatha yoga and meditation, and most of all the spirit of selfless service. Therefore, 2-4 weeks of Karma Yoga is a prerequisite for participating in the Ananda Village Internship Program.

Cost & Details :

You can choose when to attend within the duration of the program (June 1-October 1), but the minimum length of stay is one month. The program fee $400/month covers:

  • Three vegetarian meals/day
  • Campsite utilities (except laundry)
  • Twice-daily sadhanas that typically include Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, Ananda Yoga and Ananda Meditation
  • Opportunity for 1-1 spiritual guidance and support
  • Classes on the yogic teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Sample Internship Schedule (Monday-Friday)

Interns serve 24hrs/week Monday-Friday and start their day together with a group sadhana practice and share all meals together.

6:00 Wakeup
6:15-8 Daily sadhana (energization, Ananda Yoga, chanting & meditation)
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Morning service shift (some day shifts will start at 7:00)
12:00 Noon meditation
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Afternoon service shift
4:30 Free time or class
6:30 Dinner (group meal cooked by interns)
7:30 Evening program or free time


Mostly free time or fun group outings, we might also have shifts at the local farmers markets selling Ananda Farm produce or things we’ve made ourselves. In the past, intern adventures have included an all night moonlight hike, weekend trip to Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay and seclusion time at Ananda’s Meditation Retreat.

ananda internship

ananda internship
ananda internship
ananda internship
ananda internship
ananda internship
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