10 Tips for Yoga Teachers

These are principles we focus on at The Expanding Light Retreat and in our Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation for teaching yoga and training teachers.

  1. Practice what you teach. Always teach from your own experience and realized knowledge. Constantly draw from this well of inspired, ever-nBadriew experience through your own daily, dedicated practice.
  1. Always be a student. Study and practice with beginner’s mind. Never be satisfied that you have it all figured out. Be willing to be wrong, keep your heart and mind open to all, and be humble.
  1. Pray for yourself and your students. Pray to be a channel for the light of yoga to flow through you, and for God to bless your students with receptivity and grace in their practice.
  1. Meditate daily. Meditation is the foundation of all yoga practice. Even a brief daily practice will enhance every aspect of your own yoga practice and ability as a teacher.
  1. Bring jotola trikonasanay into everything. Be happy. Help your students be happy. God is satchidananda: existence, consciousness, JOY. Happiness and joy are the essence of all yoga.
  1. Meet people where they are. Try to never judge or hold people to expectations. Help your students grow with patience and respect. Never force your perspective (even when you know you’re right!) on those unable to accept it.
  1. Explore your highest potential. Never limit yourself. Constantly and creatively expand your horizons in teaching and life. Pursue your dreams, overcoming all obstacles to achieve success.
  1. Focus on sharing. Instead of teaching, feel that you are simply sharing yoga with friecandle-flamends.
  1. Live your yoga. Don’t limit your practice or sharing of yoga to any corner of life. Practice raja yoga: in all thoughts, actions, and words strive always to grow, improve and be a channel.
  1. Above all, practice kindness and love: for your fellow yogis, for nature and all mankind, and for God, the Spirit and origin of all yoga teachings, and the giver of all blessings, grace, and power.
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  1. Samara says:

    Beautifully inspiring! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Megan Alder says:

    Mediation sounds so good right now. I’ve always wanted to attend a yoga class, but I’ve always been scared to embarrass myself. I’m hoping that my friends will join me to the next yoga class.

  3. Luke Smith says:

    I really liked your tip to yoga instructors to always be a student. I can definitely see how making sure that you are striving to be learning continually would be a great way to keep your student’s interested and coming. I would definitely prefer to be taught by an instructor with an open mind over one who was convinced they knew everything there was to know.

  4. Very Inspierd words
    Thank Yoy

  5. luca says:

    This article is very insightful and I found it answered a lot of my questions about teaching. Think outside the box.

  6. Praveen says:

    Thanks for sharing this post teaching yoga to the yoga practitioners is always an extension of yoga vidya, as teachers always guide the students with their best expertise

  7. I enjoy being a student and practice yoga under the supervision of my senior instructors.I maintain my practice and enjoy the Savasana.Most of all,I alway pick some points from my teachers to enhance my teachings.Thanks a lot for the most wonderful knowledge.Practice kindness is a great message, it comes with time.One of my student other day I was subbing and I supported her for the position, she yelled real loud as she does not want to be touched.After the class,I try to talk to her nicely and she yelled again.I did not take it personal rather felt her pain and prayed for her during meditation. Thanks.

  8. Yoga Alliance keep us updated with the most recent policies of teaching.Thanks.I enjoy part ob being Ananda yoga, they have helped me a lot to understand about myself.We can’t change others we must pray for others who get upset without reason.My students enjoy practicing Ananda yoga’s it teach us the steps.We must stay honest surrender to God’s will and not loose patient.Circumstances,times change and our thoughts change accordingly.People hold things back and feel miserable.God forgive us for wrong doings so we must forgive others as well.Yoga teaching is a passion, we must follow our inner soul, help others, surrender to God and teach simple asanas to release the stress.Thanks Badri Matlock.

  9. Veena Grover RYT says:

    Thanks Badri Matlock,I really enjoyed the most as a teacher we must stay as a student too. Thanks for your guidance

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