Wisdom of The Heart

Wisdom of The Heart

Painting by Dana Anderson (DanaLynneAndersen.com)

Wisdom is the power of the soul to know truth.

By thinking with the rational mind, we will not be able to comprehend truth.

It is through the heart that we perceive and understand the deepest truths.

As we get in touch with the heart, calm feeling will inspire our thoughts and behavior to right action.

Reason tends to analyze, to separate, to break up the jigsaw puzzle into lots of little pieces, and then see how they fit together. Reason is an important tool for us, but it must be balanced by calm feeling. When the feeling quality is not confused by swirling emotions but is calm and intuitive, we experience the flow of life, the deeper purpose, and how people, events, experiences relate to one another.

We do not necessarily gain wisdom from lots of reading and intellectual study. Wisdom is the ability to tune into the intuitive knowing of the calm heart, and feel what is right and true. Real wisdom is the ability to see things in their broader contest.

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