To Believe or To Become

“Do you believe?” is a question often asked in the religion game.  Often the question includes a specific as in “Do you believe in Jesus?”  For disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda, the answer is “Yes, I believe in Jesus.”  We also believe in Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Babaji, and other great souls.  Usually this isn’t the answer those asking the question want to hear. I’m not sure why the idea of other avatars is hard to accept, since the Bible clearly says that by “receiving Him” we gain the power to “become the sons of God.”  Souls who have achieved complete freedom are those who have become the sons of God.

Our understanding is that Jesus is not the only enlightened son that God has sent to bless and support mankind. We understand “the only-begotten son” to refer to the Christ or Christ Consciousness of Jesus. There is only one God. God has manifested all of creation, and lives in all of creation. Christ consciousness is the universal expression of God that is never-changing behind what we normally see as reality.  As Swami Kriyananda wrote in The Promise of Immortality: “Christ consciousness is the potential rest point at the center of all conscious vibration.”

Everyone has their own path to follow.  In the long run, we are all on a path to God.  It is best to truly respect the paths of others, although they be different than your own.  It is best not to judge others.  We are not able to know their path.  Better to focus on our own—while supporting others on theirs as best we can.

Personally, and on my path, I’m far more interested in becoming than in believing.  I understand that my challenge is to transcend my own individuality.  That principle aspect of becoming a Nayaswami speaks to me.  I’m not much impressed by my level of achievement in this effort.  I seem to still think I’m me!  But I have at least stated my intent.  God help me and you that we keep moving forward on our individual paths to God.

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