The Slenderest Ray of Light

There’s a passage from Yogananda that has been very helpful for me in overcoming challenges and tests:

“Never allow your courage, or your quick wit in the face of difficulties to become paralyzed. When unexpected problems overwhelm you with avalanchine force, hie to the divine safety within…. Never lose touch with your intuitive faith in God; cast about constantly for the slenderest ray of light that might show you the way out of your predicament.” (The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Explained)

In grade school we learned the principle of the lever. With a lever, it doesn’t take much force to lift a very heavy object. The same is true in our lives. God is our lever.

My favorite part of this quotation is “cast about … for the slenderest ray of light…” We don’t have to experience a deep meditation, or be touched by divine love—just “the slenderest ray of light” can be our transformative lifeline.

I’ve found that when my thoughts or circumstances become negative, a tiny opening in my thoughts—an opening that helps me feel God’s presence—turns everything around.

Many times, focusing my mind one-pointedly on Yogananda’s or Babaji’s vibration at the point between the eyebrows has brought exactly the help or inspiration I needed. No brilliant thinking on my part was necessary, just plunging my mind into the vibratory presence of the Masters.

Remembering to do an affirmation, such as: “I am positive, energetic, enthusiastic,” can change your consciousness dramatically.

Or lovingly repeating a quotation, such as: “To those who think Me near, I will be near” can be all that is needed.

If you feel unhappy or tested or overwhelmed, try opening a book of Yogananda’s, Kriyananda’s, or another saint, and find a phrase to lift your consciousness and help you fight the battle of life courageously. God and the Great Ones are always ready to help us when we align ourselves with their magnetic presence.

Remember the prayer/affirmation of Yogananda: “Life is a battle for joy all along the way. I will fight to win the battle on the very spot where I now am.” If we reach for His light, God will help us win the battle.

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