The Outsider’s View

A good friend recently came to visit me here at AnandaLiving with Spirit-100 Village. He is a spiritual seeker and world traveler, and returning to our community he made a remark that struck me. “I hope you leave here often enough that you recognize how beautiful and special this place is,” he said. This outside view reminded me, yet again, of the tremendous blessing of living in spiritual community. And it serves as a reminder to everyone on the spiritual path to constantly remember and deepen our gratitude.

There are many wonderful, beautiful things in this world such as family, good work, travel, recreation, and fun. There are many terrible sorrows such as heartache, betrayal, hatred, and loss. But the spiritual seeker must put these in perspective. The seeker should strive to always refresh the mind to the outsider’s view—to the perspective of wonder—and to the sheer joy and freedom that comes from sincere devotion and from living a spiritual life.
LWS meditation-3
Each devotee should drink deeply from the cup of gratitude and,  with a heart full of devotion, look about with shining eyes to appreciate the special beauty and joy of life.

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