The Joy of Now


This past week featured an annual highlight at Ananda and at The Expanding Light: Spiritual Renewal Week. A tradition established in the early years of Ananda by Swami Kriyananda, Spiritual Renewal Week (aka SRW) is packed with inspirational classes, music, meditation and other uplifting events and activities. The theme for SRW this year was “Finding Happiness: The Art of Living.” Fittingly, an endless stream of devotion and joy seemed to fuel the entire week’s busy schedule, morning, noon and night. While deeply fulfilling, joyful and uplifting as this week is for so many of us at Ananda, it also feels like the busiest week in the universe.

gbb_srwsrw_choir-pronamTherefore as I reflect on this joy-filled busy week I am filled with awesome gratitude and inspiration by the sheer energy of it all. Countless willing hands and feet served thousands of meals, and filled endless hearts and minds with inspirational words, music and activities. And yet it came and went like every other week of the year – turned now to dust. This to me conveys accurately the illusory nature of this world: “here today, gone tomorrow,” as the saying goes. There can only ever be the present moment, or the Eternal Now. The good news is that it’s not a drab, boring now but a dynamic, vibrant and joyful one. The inspiration of this past week confirms this highest reality – that we are not here to be ourselves as people: our gender, occupation, status or personality. Rather we are here to serve as willing channels for the Divine – filled with God’s omnipresent joy and wonder – fulfilling the realization of our Divine Goal.


For all our lives, let us not be like so many petty hearts and minds, grasping at the wispy straws of earthly happiness. Instead, let’s forever be awake and ready with willing enthusiasm, infectious joy and energy, to Love God and serve Him in all ways.


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