Stay Youthful with Yogic Principles

Dayavati and husband, JohnDAYAVATI
There are many healthy lifestyle choices that can help one age gracefully. The one I have practiced consistently for over forty years is Hatha yoga. In the last 25 years I have also included the Energization Exercises developed by Paramhansa Yogananda, and meditation.

On the physical plane, energization and yoga postures have helped me maintain muscle mass, flexibility, balance, and bone strength. Ananda yoga in particular, with its emphasis on life force and spiritual awareness, continues to provide a means to experiencing equanimity, expansiveness, and attunement with God. The positive affirmations practiced with each posture provide a means to cultivating a positive attitude.”

Dayavati is a wife and mother of five children. She currently is a seamstress for Dayavati has been teaching yoga and meditation for many years and leads yoga retreats at The Expanding Light Retreat. See more about Dayavati…

cooking 2 (18 of 29) (2)“I try not to over stimulate my senses by living a simple and balanced life.

I enjoy eating a healthy vegetarian diet: grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. Most of the time, I cook at home with my husband. We avoid frozen or canned foods, caffeine, and sugar. This helps keep me even-minded, for I’ve found that what I eat affects how I feel. We enjoy eating fresh foods every day, and sitting for meals together. I also use daily Ayurvedic guidelines for my body type to keep me well.

I exercise and walk often instead of driving. I also enjoy being in silence and listening to nature. Every day I practice Energization Exercises, yoga postures, and meditation. During the day, I pray, use affirmations and visualizations to uplift my spirit, and use my free time to read spiritual books and listen to spiritual music.”

Diksha served as the vegetarian cook at The Expanding Light Retreat for 7 years. Now directing the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Program, Diksha teaches Ananda Yoga and meditation regularly to guests at The Expanding Light Retreat. Along with her husband, Diksha leads spiritual retreats in different parts of the world, and Ayurvedic retreats in India each year. See more about Diksha…

Mantradevi (2)“ I very much believe our thoughts shape who we are. They can even shape what we look like. Consciously doing something for someone every day keeps any doldrums away.

What do I do to make aging a graceful art? My number one
thought is devotion to God. The only way I can stay in
touch with this is with regular meditation and service to others. I think the biggest aging factors are continual stress and mental resistance. I combat this by finding something creative that brings joy and takes my mind off of myself and life’s responsibilities.

Consciously taking quiet time out of each day has also contributed to my overall wellbeing. It’s in times of quiet and solitude that God’s joy can be felt bubbling up inside. That joy then spills over to be shared with all those around. Lastly, regularly feeling and giving gratitude for the blessings God has given. Nothing else can exist where gratitude lives.

I don’t feel old or young. I am glad for my past experiences and looking forward to the adventures to come.”

Mantradevi is a wife, mother, and creative artist. Mantradevi teaches courses at the Expanding Light on Relationships, Emotional Healing, Chakras, Recreate Yourself, In Transition, and others. She authored the study book, “Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility.” For about twenty years of her teaching career she taught and practiced yoga postures, which she believes has been a contributor to her good health. A long-time resident of Ananda Village, Mantradevi leads pilgrimages with her husband, currently to India and Southern Europe. See more about Mantradevi…

DSC01427“Staying youthful is an attitude for me. I never think of age, I think of staying positive in my thoughts.

For me, this means staying present to the beauty of the moment, feeling gratitude for God’s presence in all creation and to always to continue challenging myself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Now as I’ve passed 50, my meditation practice has added so much more depth and satisfaction to maintaining my health and energy. When I was actually a youth, starting off in practicing meditation, I had a lot of physical energy and it took more effort to be inwardly relaxed and calm. Now, physical exercise is an expression of gratitude, union with God’s presence in nature, a strong will, and fun.

I don’t identify with age, I identify with the state of my consciousness that has expanded from practicing meditation and a joyful attitude. For me, exercise plays a big part in my lifestyle. However feeling youthful—fresh each day in my outlook—is simply an attitude. Exercise is important to health, but a positive attitude is everything.”

Sabari has been practicing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda for over 28 years. Currently living at Ananda’s Spiritual Community, Sabari is one of the joyful staff at The Expanding Light Retreat’s guest services.


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