Reconnect with your Divine Nature in Costa Rica

Yoganananda once said “There are so many things here in America that I wanted for my own impoverished country.  In time, however, I found that the people here are not so happy, on average, as the peasants in India – many of whom cannot afford more than one meal a day.  Despite the material prosperity here, people haven’t the same inner happiness.  Americans are satiated with a plethora of sense pleasures.  Happiness eludes them for the simple reason that they seek it everywhere except in themselves.” From “How to Be Happy All the Time”

We all struggle to keep with having happiness “elude” us. Getting out of familiar surroundings, even out of our own culture and spending time closer to nature to reconnect with the divine presence within can be very helpful in shaking off self-defeating tendencies and creating new habits to feed our inner happiness and well-being.  Spiritual travel adventures like The Expanding Light’s Costa Rica Vacation serve as an ideal opportunity in this quest.
Sugar Beach Costa Rica
Rated highly on the well-being and longevity scale compared to other countries such as the USA , this tropical Central American country also rated number one on the Happy Planet Index for it’s great biodiversity and world leadership in  environmental protection.   You have the opportunity to explore this country with protected natural beauty and a culture that encourages a simple, happy way of life with a group of spiritually minded guides and participants.  Start and end each vacation day with Yoga and meditation practices to enhance your ability to feel at peace, relax and be fully present in Costa Rica and let the experience feed your inner joy or Ananda.

We would love to have you join us for this Costa Rica Ananda Yoga Vacation Retreat November 26 to December 3rd, 2017.

Costa Rica Ananda Yoga Vacation with Maitri Jones

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