Pray for It!

One day, my nephew Carson and I were playing chase in the house. He hit his elbow on a table and, after letting out a wail, started rubbing it as the corners of his little mouth turned down. He was obviously annoyed at this interruption of our game. Then he thrust his elbow out at me and demanded in his 3-year-old voice, “Pray for it!”

Instantly I sat on the floor next to him. I drew him in close, and he relaxed into my arms. Cupping my hand around his elbow, I said the prayer he had done with my sister and me before:

  • Divine Mother, Thou are omnipresent,
    Thou art in all Thy children,
    Thou art in Carson…and his elbow.
    Manifest Thy healing presence in his body, mind, and soul.

I then did three long AUM’s, feeling God’s light and love flowing through me to Carson. Afterwards, he remained close to me, resting his head on my shoulder. He seemed to still be absorbing the vibration of the prayer. Curious, I asked, “Carson, does your elbow feel better?”

“Yes,” he replied matter-of-factly. There was no awe or sense of wonder at the small miracle of healing that had just occurred. He could have said, “Of course it feels better. It always feels better when we do the Divine Mother healing prayer.” Due to his experience from the past, he has total faith in its power.

Paramhansa Yogananda taught us to use the power of prayer to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He said there are three factors that determine how well it works:

  1. The power of the prayer or technique
  2. The power of the healer, or channel
  3. The receptivity of the patient

Yogananda spiritualized this prayer, infusing it with the ability to transmit Divine healing light. As a Massage Practitioner, I have had a lot of opportunity to practice this prayer hands-on, and now know how to open myself up as a channel. And Carson, with his faith, was a very willing recipient. He had no mental blocks or doubts. His receptivity drew the healing energy through me.

I learned something that day. God doesn’t care if we are mad or upset, or even having a temper tantrum….He loves us and listens to us just the same. We don’t have to beg. When you need healing, demand it. God will be with you instantly. He may come to you through a channel, or it may be direct. He already knows what you need. In fact, He knows better than you do what is good for you, so His answer may not look exactly the way you expect. But it will be perfect for you. Just ask, relax, and open yourself up to receive the light. Let this be your first reaction to traumas, large and small. In the wise words of my nephew, pray for it.

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