The Ultimate Design-Build

We are the results of God’s own design-build initiative.

“Design-build” is a construction term that means both the design and the construction of a project is overseen by a single entity. Design-build is similar to the truly traditional “Master Builder” model. Proponents maintain that a design-build approach increases the opportunity for creativity and innovation.

Our “Master Builder” demonstrated extraordinary innovation in the design and construction of the universe we live in, all the way down to our individual bodies and the parts that make us up.  The universe is so vast and diverse that we barely understand a fraction of it. What a design that includes time and space, black holes and comets, oceans and deserts, whales and butterflies! And it’s all connected. How could anyone but THE Master Building manage it?

Swami Kriyananda wrote the following in The Hindu Way of Awakening:

For everything, ultimately, is symbolic. The universe itself manifests Infinite Consciousness, and in that sense symbolizes it. Nothing in creation is wholly as it appears to be to our senses. Material objects are only expressions of a subtler reality: Matter is but a vibration of energy. Energy is a vibration of ideas. And ideation itself is a vibration of Infinite Consciousness.

Our Master Builder created it all purely from vibration alone.

Observing the wonder around us makes me more interested in getting to know the Master Builder.

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