Music as a Healing Power

In 2012 I went to visit my mother in Israel. She lives in a big city—Tel Aviv. I took my iPod with Swami Kriyananda’s music and talks.

After a week in the city, I felt depleted. Living in the quietness of the forest of the Sierra Nevada at Ananda Village, a meditative community, for twenty years, I was used to the serenity of nature. The contrast was huge.

I had another week to be in the city. I prayed to God for inspiration and a way to recharge myself. Luckily, that afternoon, my mother was taking a nap. I sat on the sofa in the living room put on my headphones, and plugged into the iPod. I chose to listen to “Life Is the Quest for Joy.”  I closed my eyes and started taking deep breaths. Within a few minutes of listening, I experienced the power of this divine music. The image that came with it was that my nervous system and my blood vessels were being filled with the nectar of God. In 10 minutes I was renewed, recharge and healed.

Here is a link to Life Is the Quest for Joy and sample track:

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