How to Feel God’s Presence

Recently at Ananda Village, in a study group on The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita by Paramhansa Yogananda as remembered by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda, we read this: “The unenlightened man sinks back, at death, into the negative sleep state…. The yogi who can fix his concentration on the spiritual eye leaves his body consciously, whether in deep ecstasy or in death.”

In his writings, Yogananda shares that in his early training he kept his mind always at the spiritual eye, and that this is an extremely important aid to spiritual progress.bhagavad gita

We decided to take as our first assignment for the study group to focus on keeping our minds at the spiritual eye throughout the day. The more that we live with our energy at the spiritual eye, the more uplifted we feel, and the more we feel God’s presence.

We assembled a variety of techniques, which I’m happy to send to you if you’re interested. They’re from the writings of Swami Kriyananda and from a new book of Paramhansa Yogananda’s called How to Awaken Your True Potential, due to come out from Crystal Clarity early in 2016.

Each of us began to work with the techniques and reported our joyful discoveries to the group. One of the simplest exercises is to place your finger at the point between the eyebrows and to draw your energy there.

I noticed that if my mind started thinking of something unnecessary, I could just drop that thought and bring the mind back to the spiritual eye. With the practice of this exercise came a feeling of God’s presence, not just in meditation but more consistently through the day.

One of the women in the group reported how well the technique worked for her. She was walking to work rehashing a disagreement she’d had with her husband. Not liking her state of mind, she stopped, put her finger at the spiritual eye, and felt her consciousness shift from the back of the brain to the spiritual eye. At the spiritual eye, there was no annoyance whatsoever, only joy and freedom—and God’s presence.

She marveled at the simplicity of the technique, but noticed after a while that she was feeling annoyed again. She realized she’d begun to mentally plan how to explain her opinion to her husband that evening. This time, she stopped, placed her finger at the spiritual eye to refocus, and made a vow to God at the same time: “I will not say another word about this issue.”

That vow combined with the energy from the spiritual eye put the event totally behind her. God’s presence and joy were back again. She was extremely impressed. What a useful technique!

We invite you to join in the experiment today!



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  1. Kathryn Vaverka says:

    This is a WONDERFUL article and extremely helpful. I have recently been focusing on feeling God’s Presence
    all day, especially at work, and this technique will be of such great assistance. Thank you so very much!

  2. Michele says:

    What a wonderful technique to disspell negative thoughts and to work through emotions! Yes I will start to use this indeed! I hope to hear more about your findings in the future and definitely want to get the book that’s coming out. I assume we can buy from this site or will it be available through Amazon?

    • Nayaswami Anandi says:

      Dear Michele, I’m happy you’ll try it – so effective. The new book will be available probably on Amazon, but certainly you can order it directly from, Ananda’s publishing house. Blessings, Anandi

      • Nayaswami Shivani Black says:

        Just practicing this one technique of placing a finger at the point between the eyebrows is a great treasure. Thank you very much indeed.

        • Adam Tyminski says:

          Thank you so very much for any tool I can use in order to help myself and others to get a good focus on God Blessing Adam Tyminski

          • Adam Tyminski says:

            Thank you so much for any tool I can get in order to help myself and others to better focus on a third eye.

  3. Paula Jones says:

    Your simple suggestion in the talk you gave in the health and healing course lifted my courage and joy level enormously when you suggested we could really awaken new brain cells and to try to do so. Now to keep our minds more in tune and aware of God by simply touching the area of the spiritual eye. As we travel through the challenges in our daily lives and intensity comes we can try this joyfully. I will! To awaken our true potential and maintain our remembrance of God’s presence with us throughout the day!
    Thanks, Paula

    • Nayaswami Anandi says:

      Dear Paula, So nice to hear from you. Yes, just this simple practice of remembering to bring mind to spiritual eye is enormously powerful. Blessings always, Anandi

  4. Jan says:

    After reading several of Yoganandas works, I am truly confused by his “consistency” in stating that it may take years to reach God through meditation. I am at a loss to understand why God may be so slow or reluctant to show himself to earnest seekers. Any help you can provide to me is greatly appreciated!

  5. Anandi says:

    Dear Jan,
    Yogananda says many, many things about finding God. The one that is strongest to me is: “Don’t say ‘When will I find God?’ Say, ‘I have Him, I have Him.” He also says, “When you have joy in the moment, you have God.” Focus on the many tools and the inspiration he has given and move forward with great love for God and determination to practice the techniques with willingness and attunement to God’s ray of grace. Yogananda has encouraged us to find God in this lifetime!

  6. Jan says:

    Thank you for your response back, it has greatly helped to adjust my skewed feeling back to the truth.

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