Healthy Communications

I was anxious about my upcoming phone call with a family member—I had to speak with them about a sensitive issue. I kept praying for help, that I would remain calm and speak the truth with love and kindness.

The phone rang, I put Yogananda’s photo in front of me, and as I picked up the phone I looked right into his eyes. I kept tuning into his consciousness, trying to remain in my calm heart, speaking the truth with compassion, and channeling divine energy to my family member.

It worked! The person was receptive, and the words flowed with divine grace!

After I hung up, I thanked Yogananda for his help. It was one more confirmation that divine truth and love never fail. When one keeps making the effort to live according to divine laws, truth will penetrate darkness and the light will shine forth!

Healthy and Effective Communications: July 31-Aug 3, 2014

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