God Is the Doer

One of the most difficult of concepts to understand is the truth that “God is the doer.” What makes this concept so difficult to grasp? The difficulty begins with who we think “God” is and who we think “I” am. “I” is the ego that feels separate from the world and is primarily concerned with one’s own small needs, while “God” is considered the expansive awareness behind all of creation.

A good illustration is the ocean and its waves. If you were to ask a wave who it is and where it comes from, the wave might say, “Why, I am the biggest and mightiest wave around—can’t you see my strength and power? I am great.” But the mighty wave has forgotten that it cannot be separated from the ocean itself. The wave’s strength actually comes from the ocean, and its imaginary powers are only temporary since it must at some point merge back with the ocean.

Similarly, our problem in experiencing God as the Doer in our lives is our inability to tune into the greater source of our power, which is God. We see only the tiny physical body as our self.

When we are faced with some problem in life, if we deal with the problem as if we are separate from the ocean of God’s presence, like the little wave, we come up against the likes and dislikes of this little ego identity. Ego feels that the solutions to all problems can be found by becoming more powerful, stronger, or richer. Unfortunately, there are other ego waves that might stand in the way of our ego being able to manifest all of its plans.

The God within us is not bothered by our seeming difficulties. Having no likes and dislikes, He sees only the soul’s continuous upward evolution. The soul is part of all that is. We don’t get rid of difficulties; instead, we must learn to transcend them by seeing them from God’s greater reality. The solution to most problems is in serving the greater good.

Egoic mental static is replaced with the quiet awareness of, “What is trying to happen here?” Ask yourself, “What would Yogananda or other great saints do in this situation?” This question will help you continuously be inspired to see God as the doer. For as you melt into the ocean of awareness of God’s presence, you will feel Him as the doer behind your every thought.

Paramhansa Yogananda said that all of life was created for our education and our entertainment. When we are in tune with God’s higher awareness, we will be able to feel His wisdom and bliss within us, and know that God is the source of all power.

In the clear meditative mind, you have quieted the ripples of mental static that keep you from seeing the reality of higher consciousness. Repeating affirmations of truths can replace the mental static of the little ego reality. And, finally, practicing the presence of God throughout your day will help you experience God as the Doer.

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