Devotion in the Workplace

It can be quite a challenge to hold onto a devotional feeling in the workplace. It can be helpful to have a photo or photos that bring out a feeling of devotion in you.  In some workplaces you may not feel you can comfortably do that.  But in most places, everybody has some personal photos.  You should be able to keep the pictures you would like.  If your environment doesn’t seem suitable for a picture of Paramhansa Yogananda or your guru or guide, perhaps you could use a less formal picture of Swami Kriyananda – who after all is your friend.  When your eyes fall on the picture you use, develop the habit of taking a couple of deep breaths and going inside.

Another little technique is to put a reminder on your Outlook Calendar every day to breathe. Did you know you can “write in” how long a meeting or assignment is on Outlook?  You can set a 5-minute appointment with your breath!

When starting a meeting you may not be able to say a prayer as we do at Ananda, but perhaps you are able to say something like, “Thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to come together. Let’s all take a deep breath first to relax and help us to be present.”  Most people will greatly appreciate the opportunity to become calm.

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