Music for Going Deeply Within

My friend Lisa recently returned from a trip to the Holy Land, on our Israel Pilgrimage. She said sometimes her mind refused to wrap itself around the experience of tuning in to an ancient site. But as the group sang together the songs from Swami Kriyananda’s Oratorio, written after his own pilgrimage to Israel, a “door was opened” through which she could deeply experience the vibrations of those sacred places.

We’ve been taught to “Go beyond reason. Go deep into your own center.” Lisa was describing a way in which she did that very effectively. Swami Kriyananda’s music is exceptional in its power to help us tap into higher consciousness. Kriyananda’s body of musical works (over 400 pieces) is a great gift.

Rather than simply share words with you in this blog, I’d like to link you to an experience of the higher vibration of Swamiji’s music.

I trust you will enjoy this beautiful rendering of “What is Love” by Swamiji. Here a link. Lisa is one of the singers, too! Although not part of the Oratorio, the vibration is beautiful.

I hope you can take 3 minutes to sit quietly, close your eyes, and simply feel it.

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