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Staying Healthy in Cold and Flu Season

  Recently at Ananda Village, we had the first cold, wet day of autumn. It reminded me to begin paying more attention to staying healthy. People often do that through flu shots and more-careful hygiene. Yoga offers many additional ways; … Continue reading

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Teaching Meditation in High Schools

By Ananda Meditation Teacher grad Susan Wilk According to reports from the American Physiological Association (APA), teens experience stress at levels similar to adults, and at even higher levels during the school year.  From teaching adults, I knew the powerful … Continue reading

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The Moving Sidewalk

Recently, I had the opportunity to go on the Pilgrimage to Spain led by Krishnadas and Mantradevi LoCicero, two outstanding spiritual travel leaders of the Ananda Travels program at The Expanding Light Retreat. At many airports I enjoyed the large … Continue reading

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Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

By Ananda Meditation Teacher Beverly Abel, June 2016 Today I started a 4–series class on “Introduction to Meditation” at the library where I work. I had been dreading this a bit, and my stomach was starting to knot up during … Continue reading

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Teaching Meditation

By Anandi Gray, Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Graduate Recently, my friend Diksha asked me a question, “How many people have you taught to meditate?” As I considered my 30 years of teaching, I was surprised to realize the answer is: … Continue reading

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Yoga Alliance’s New Policy on Yoga Therapy

The Bhagavad Gita teaches us that Life is a Battlefield, so we shouldn’t really be surprised when two of our national yoga organizations seem to be engaged in turf battles. However, on closer examination of the reactions to Yoga Alliance’s … Continue reading

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Peace and Harmony Prayer

“My fellow teacher is asking me to do her work and then complaining to co-workers that I’m to blame for her problems. I am so angry at her that I can’t sleep, I can’t even acknowledge her presence when I … Continue reading

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Online Meditation Teacher Training

Ananda’s comprehensive meditation teacher training (MTT) is now available in a 10-week, 100% online format. OMTT (Online MTT) incorporates the very best practices of modern distance learning. As a result, trainees have been amazed at how supported they feel, because … Continue reading

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Why Are You Teaching?

As yoga teachers, it is wise to reflect on our passion to practice and share yoga. Practicing yoga, sharing yoga: the two are interdependent. None of us would be driven to teach if we didn’t find our own practice inspiring. … Continue reading

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Ananda Meditation Teacher’s Success Story

Beth Cohen completed the Ananda Meditation Teacher training in October 2002. Since then, she has taught meditation to approximately 10,000 individuals. As the director of the UC Davis’ Faculty and Staff Counseling Center for 9 years, Beth taught meditation to … Continue reading

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