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Be actively calm and calmly active

Paramhansa Yogananda’s advice to be actively calm and calmly active is so important for our well-being and success in life. Yogananda wrote:  Apply the experiences of peace and poise received during concentration and meditation to your daily life. Maintain your … Continue reading

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Observations of a Newly Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher

From Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Mare Baranski: In terms of physical proximity to Ananda Village, I live in a remote outpost called Cocoa Beach, Florida. It’s a four-block wide island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River, a … Continue reading

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My Nurturing Experience of Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala, India

Diksha McCord’s account of her 2017, Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Retreat in Kerala. This was our eleventh year leading a yoga retreat in Kerala, India. Our group of 13 people were wonderful, and open to learn and experience India’s traditional, … Continue reading

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Winter Restorative Yoga Pose

Winter is a time for comfort, staying warm, and withdrawing from outer activity. Unlike the other seasons, winter gives us the opportunity to stay indoors and take notice of the changes that are needed to create better balance in our … Continue reading

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Learning to Breathe

By Ananda Meditation Teacher Graduate, Lori Allen, LCSW, RYT I was first introduced to meditation while trekking in Nepal at age 21. My best adventure buddy and I spent six weeks trekking the Langtang and Annapurna regions of the Himalayas. In … Continue reading

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Worshiping Our Mistakes

In the early days of Paramhansa Yogananda’s work in Los Angeles, a small group of disciples lived with him at his Mount Washington ashram. Despite this blessing, one young woman was drawn to leave the ashram and marry. After a … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Yoga Teachers

These are principles we focus on at The Expanding Light Retreat and in our Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation for teaching yoga and training teachers. Practice what you teach. Always teach from your own experience and realized knowledge. Constantly … Continue reading

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Dharma and the Destruction of Suffering

Dharma, or right action, wrote Paramhansa Yogananda, “means those immutable principles which protect man permanently from the three-fold suffering of disease, unhappiness, and ignorance.” An embodiment of dharma himself, Yogananda explained: “Destruction of suffering involves the permanent elimination of all … Continue reading

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Energizing Your Spiritual Life

If you haven’t heard about the “30-Day Energization Challenge” that Gyandev launched on October 12, you can read about it and join if you’re interested. This challenge couldn’t have come at a more useful time in my life. Recently, I’ve … Continue reading

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Letter from Diksha: The power of meditation

The practice of daily meditation is essential for our well-being, and our ability to remain calm and centered in the midst of life’s challenges. I find that even a few minutes of practicing the Hong-Sau technique during the day, and … Continue reading

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