The Power of the Hong-Sau Experience

From Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Dhyan: There was one man who came to our Level 1 series who was highly intellectual and very much in his head. He seemed to have studied the various philosophers and seemed very rooted in the mental approach to understanding. As we discussed the different components of the techniques, he would ask impressively learned questions concerning the nature of nothingness and what happens when our mind no longer identifies itself with a form. Very stimulating conversation ensued before our guided practice of the techniques.

Once we went into the experiential part of the class, I felt a deep stillness begin to quiet the room—despite our location  on Santa Monica Blvd, with traffic noise and the general buzz of city vibrations. All of this noise seemed to melt away, and the students became more and more still.

After our guided practice, I opened the floor for questions or comments about their experience with the techniques. This man raised his hand and described a wondrous experience of feeling lifted out of his body into a sphere of ever-expanding freedom and joy. His eyes now had a twinkle in them, and his voice resounded with inspiration and wonderment. He felt that the ‘nothingness’ was consciously supporting and opening doors for deep, intuitive understanding. It seems he found the answers to his questions.

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