Testimonials for one of our Meditation Teachers

Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Gloria’s taught a 4-week meditation class series in Florida, and she received this feedback:

“The meditation techniques Gloria shares are incredibly powerful in their simplicity. Even after nine years of meditating, what I learned in this workshop helped me go very deep in less time and with less struggle. It’s now become easier to calm my mind and touch the Divine.” —Carlos

“I had been meditating for two years and had received benefits. However, in Gloria’s “Develop your Meditation Practice,” I realized that my way of meditating was still primitive. In this class I learned new tools that led me to a level of consciousness beyond what I had imagined. My connection with divine love deepened. My peace, my joy and happiness are growing every day. Actually my projects and unconditional love for others grows with the possibility of overflowing.” —Elena

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