The Divine Power of God

Meditating on the divine aspect of God as power can be experienced while we are near the ocean. In the past ten years, whenever I’ve been near the ocean, I have made a conscious effort to meditate there and tune into the power aspect of God via the ocean.

I have found it to be an extremely, well, powerful practice. I try to feel the ocean’s power permeating my whole being, purifying me, giving me strength to overcome my delusions, and to dedicate my life more fully to God.

Meditating near the Arabian Sea, Kerala, India

Meditating near the Arabian Sea, Kerala, India

Swami Kriyananda wrote about the divine power of God: “Try to attune yourself to that power. Don’t be afraid, because this immense power is also the power of freedom, the power of victory. Just as we can harness the powers of nature to serve us, we can use divine power for great good. But if we don’t understand how to work with it, we may find ourselves caught up in it and possibly destroyed by it. Divine power is so great that if you don’t work with it in the right way, then you may find yourself suffering. But if you go with it, you find that there is release and joy.”

Meditating near Pacific Ocean, Kona, Hawaii

Meditating near Pacific Ocean, Kona, Hawaii

While meditation near the ocean and attuning yourself to its power, repeat this affirmation by Swami Kriyananda:

“Mine is the power of the universe, channeled for my own awakening and the awakening of others sleeping souls!”

If you can’t be near the ocean, then meditate on the power of the sunrays.


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