Teaching Meditation to People with Addictions by Lila Dodge

I came to Ananda Meditation Teacher Training in October 2014 to gain skills I could use in my work at a detox center in Southern California. Last week I taught a meditation class to a small group of young addicts. It is extremely difficult for addicts to concentrate in the beginning. One young man had been in detox here for a few months and had begun to regain the ability to concentrate. While previously frustrated at his inability to meditate, he now tried once more.  The room was quiet and all had stilled as class ended. Cheerfully the men carried on with their day.

The young man I mentioned above saw his therapist later that day. Afterwards, she came to see me to ask if I would guide him through meditation exercises during his free time because the young man told her the meditation had inspired him.

It was rewarding to know that what I learned at Ananda helped me make a difference in someone else’s journey to recovery and that I could give him tools to help him live a better life.


Lila (top left) during meditation teacher training with friends

In the world of alcohol and substance abuse, when the opportune moment comes to plant a seed, I can do that with divine confidence and can connect people with the magnetism I was given at Ananda.  People engage and want to learn about meditation.

I feel increasingly confident the more I teach meditation.  I have a good feeling for how to teach new students and look forward to returning to Ananda to learn more.


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