More Meditation Success Stories

From Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Anandi Gray’s meditation college courses:

1. It was common to hear from meditation students who had young children at home. After several weeks of classes, the parent would tell me that their kids were reminding them to meditate. Why? Because their children noticed the difference in their mom (or dad). Their parents were calmer and happier at home, and more patient. I also heard a somewhat similar story from married students, who told me that, after attending class for a few weeks, their husband (or wife) would remind them to meditate. Why? Same reason. The spouse was calmer and happier at home.
2. One longtime student was legally blind and had a seeing-eye dog. After a few classes, she commented that her vision improved on the nights that she attended class.
3. A typical comment from students’ class evaluations — personal increase in calmness and decreased stress. Also, better sleep.

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