I Have a Dream

Yes, I am a great admirer of Martin Luther King Jr., but that’s not what I want to talk about. Martin Luther King’s work and his famous “I have a dream” speech helped change the face of race relations in America. I too would love to see an America of racial harmony and equality.

But my dream is different than his.

I dream of a world where people don’t feel they’re on a treadmill, trying to keep up, trying to find their happiness from possessions, depending on other people’s opinion of them, becoming ill or depressed from stress, facing endless problems in family and work relationships because they don’t know how to find peace in themselves.

I dream of a world where people discover that with a little practice, they can find peace inside themselves. And more than peace. They can find an uplifted consciousness that is filled with joy and love. The discovery brings harmony to their relationships, solutions to challenges, and fills them with happiness that doesn’t depend on anything outside.

I have dedicated my life to that dream. And I am not alone. All of my friends at The Expanding Light and Ananda Worldwide share my dream and work to help manifest it. We want to bring yoga and meditation to anyone who wants to learn how to find happiness within himself. No belief system is necessary, no spiritual dogma or path is required, just the simple time-tested tools of yoga and meditation.

It may take a while, but I know this dream will become a reality.

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