How to Overcome Nervousness

Taken from a talk by Swami Kriyananda:

One of the major reasons for nervousness is the fear of change. When we’re attached to the way things are, we suffer when change comes. Most people are committed to going in one direction and are not ready to change direction if life demands it. When change comes, they fall apart, they fail, or they become unhappy. The fear that things might change and the wish to cling to things as they are cause attachment, which causes tension, which causes nervousness.

Yet the very nature of life is change.

People also become nervous because of not having time for themselves, not taking time to relax and connect with their center. If what we are doing takes us outside ourselves, we become over-extended, which creates tension and nervousness.

We need to learn always to come back to our center, no matter what we are doing. When we take little moments to be quiet, we’ll start to see that things don’t throw us anymore. We discover that our center never changes, and that we are the center of our universe. If we live in this consciousness, we will be able to overcome nervousness.

In order to experience this, we need to practice.

Meditating every day, thinking of God—these lift our consciousness. We belong to the heights, to our aspirations, to our ideals. And unless our consciousness is lifted to the heights, we won’t feel IMG_5378fulfilled.

When we reach upward in a relaxed way and turn our attention to higher aspirations, we will be able to release nervousness. Nervousness comes in part from living an unfulfilled life, a life without purpose, and from stretching oneself too thin.

In meditation, we get centered, our consciousness is uplifted, and we feel fulfilled. The more we can focus on higher aspirations, avoid brooding on problems, open our heart and mind to God, and dwell on Him, then nothing will touch us.

Tips to overcome nervousness, from Swami Kriyananda:

  1. Accept reality as it is, not wishing things to be other than they are.
  2. Nervousness goes hand and hand with tension. Use breathing techniques and yoga postures to relax your body and mind.
  3. Always remain centered within.
  4. Eat a healthy diet. Avoid eating junk food or sugar, which cause agitation. A vegetarian diet helps calm the nervous system.
  5. Mental attitude is the most important thing of all. Living in negativity causes nervousness; learn to live with a positive, courageous, accepting attitude. When you dwell on higher consciousness, from that level you can make positive changes.

Here is a link to How to Spiritualize Your Daily Life Series by Swami Kriyananda:


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