Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Adrienne’s Success Story:

I taught a middle-aged woman, mother of 5 with major medical issues. When we started, she had dangerously high blood pressure and saw a doctor every week for her condition. Each time she went, the nurse would tell her the blood pressure was too high.

After teaching her meditation, I asked her to practice 5-15 minutes every day, either at lunch or first thing in the morning. She started to do this and found it helpful. She wanted to experiment at the doctor’s office. Whenever her blood pressure was measured as too high,  she would ask to be left alone for 5 to 10 minutes so she could meditate, and then have the nurse come back again. After her meditation, her blood pressure always came back within normal range.

She did not believe this, so she tried it again and again. She always got this positive result from her meditation. She had never meditated before and this was her proof of how helpful meditation could be for her well being. She is now a regular meditator and has started to meditate during lunch to help with stress at work.

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