Karma Doesn’t Have to Take Forever

Recently, I had a beautiful experience with the power of the inner Self during a course called How to Be Happy All the Time.

One of the guests came to Ananda to escape the pain of a separation and divorce initiated two short weeks before her arrival – after 30 years of marriage. The painful circumstances of that divorce are the kind for which people do years of therapy.  (This woman also had also seen a therapist before coming here.)

In the class I shared that the American Medical Association is now saying that the more energy a person has in the prefrontal lobes, the happier his life is, and further, that the best way to bring energy to the prefrontal lobes is meditation. We dived into the ancient science of Hong-Sau meditation. A complete novice to the concept of meditation, my newly divorced friend gave it her all in the 3 short days she was here.

After she got home, she wrote to say that though divorce after 30 years is not easy, she is at peace, and enjoying her quiet time, and her time to meditate. She is meditating, affirming, and praying daily.

Though I was not surprised, I am once again deeply moved by the power of meditation to change people. Recently, I have been meeting many guests at The Expanding Light who are facing very challenging circumstances in their lives. During a recent First-Timers’ Week, after each person introduced why they had come, part of me inwardly gasped at the enormity of the challenges each of them faced. After all the introductions were completed, the group shared my quiet awe at all that had been shared.

At the same time, another part of me KNEW and said, “During this week, you will learn to touch a part of your inner Self through meditation. From that inner connection, you will find the strength, peace, and wisdom to move forward with confidence.” And this is exactly what happened.

Again and again, I offer my gratitude and profound appreciation for the power of yoga meditation.

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