Hong Sau Healing of Anxiety Attacks

From Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Jane Green: One of my students, a young single mother, was suffering with debilitating anxiety attacks—fear of being in public, fear of driving, etc.  She would start sweating, her heart would race, and she would be short of breath.  Because of this, she would avoid going out in public.
After I guided her through Yogananda’s simple meditation techniques, she was visibly calmer.  She said she felt much more relaxed.  She told me that since then,  when she felt an anxiety attack coming over her, she would start practicing Hong Sau.  She said it would “bring her to a peaceful place.”  I spoke with her about 4 weeks ago, and she told me she has not had an anxiety attack in months!

I am so happy to be able to share Yogananda’s great and timeless meditation techniques.

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