Even a little practice of meditation…

Diksha meditates in Crystal Hermitage Chapel

Diksha meditates in
Crystal Hermitage Chapel

Anandmayi Ma was a great woman saint of India who lived in the last century. Once a disciple told her that she sometimes practiced meditation only superficially. Anandamayi Ma’s response was: “Even that is beneficial.” This is a good reminder to all of us. The only meditation that isn’t successful is the one you don’t do.

I read an extremely inspiring article about the impact of a short meditation practice on junior high students. In 2007, the principal of Visitation Valley Middle School in San Francisco, CA, instituted a program called “Quiet Time” to teach meditation to every student in the school, with dramatic results. Truancy rate fell by more than 7 percent (while the average for the State rose to 30 percent) and suspensions fell by more than 50 percent. Twelve minutes of meditation at the beginning and twelve minutes at the end of the school day gave these children a mechanism to cope with the many stresses of poverty and violence in their lives.

Here is the link to a short video that was done about this school: www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=3091

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