College Students Respond to Meditation Class

From Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Laurie’s college course on Meditation and Mindfulness:

“I have found that after this class I am always in a better mood. I have a more positive perspective and I am more centered. I have learned so much in this class, especially about myself. I am very excited to see where my meditation practice will take me.”  —Madi

“I usually approached each moment as something to get through so I could move on to the next event or situation. Then when that next moment arrived, I just tried to get through it until the end of the day and finally the week. This often left me feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. But now, since I have been practicing the meditation and mindfulness activities from class, I have discovered a new wave of energy at the end of most days. I have noticed that by practicing mindfulness I feel much less stressed. I am beginning to enjoy the moment I am in, and I am letting go of my need to control an event that hasn’t even happened yet.” —Laurie

“This semester was incredibly difficult for me with the sudden passing of my father in October. However, I feel that the burden of grief is not as overwhelming as it could be simply because I have learned so many wonderful things about myself from practicing meditation and mindfulness. This is a new lifestyle for me and indeed a blessing as I move forward.” —Christie

“Taking this meditation class has proven to be very beneficial to my life. I originally signed up for this class to help  deal with stress, but I was worried about adding another class to my workload. I am very grateful I did. Since taking this class I am sleeping better than I have in years. I think this is because meditation has helped me  quiet my mind. I used to lie awake in bed for hours planning what I needed to do the next day, but after waking the next morning I would be was too tired to complete everything that I hoped to accomplish. This was a frustrating cycle I endured for many years. I have found that my lack of sleep was the root cause of my daily stress. Now that I am sleeping better I find that I am able to not stress about my homework and to enjoy the time that I have with my kids.  I am now sharing what I’ve learned with my husband to help him be more patient and worry less.” —Sarah

“This class had truly been a gift and added benefit in my life. I work in a fast-paced, high-stress environment where attitudes can quickly turn negative. Being mindful has helped me not to lose my temper at work and to maintain a pleasant attitude.” —Phyllis

“I thought this class was really worth it because I learned about meditation. Meditation helps me to concentrate, and it helps me calm down when I’m struggling with stress and anxiety. I feel like I am slowly becoming a more patient person. Meditation has helped me get through difficult times this semester.” —Oleg

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