Changing One Woman Changed an Office

From Melani,  an Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Graduate:

As soon as I got home from MTT, I started a meditation group in my workplace. I work at what was a very stressful office, and I have been amazed how this meditation group has changed the energy. One of our co-workers had been very angry and volatile, and has made threats to harm people physically when they offended her.  Everyone was too afraid of her even to report her to the management. Her angry presence in the office added to everyone’s stress.

To my surprise, she was one of the first people who asked to join the meditation group. Not only was I concerned about my ability to relate to her, but I was afraid others would not join the group because she was in it. Fortunately, others joined as well.

After the first meeting she said she really enjoyed it and planned to come to every class that she could. I encouraged her in this. Within a very short time, we saw a drastic change in her.

Because of the work setting, I cannot use the words God or Guru, but I do speak about feeling peace and joy, keeping the gaze uplifted, and so on.

The change in this woman has been wonderful and amazing. She is much calmer and happier, and even smiles and jokes with others. Recently, she was turned down for a promotion she wanted; she was sad but took the news much better than she would have in the past.

I don’t know why I was surprised by all of this, but I didn’t expect such a dramatic turnaround. I am so happy to have helped make a big change in our office dynamics. Not only is this one woman happier, but because she has become less volatile, everyone in the office is more relaxed and the whole atmosphere has improved greatly.

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