A receptive meditation class for the Chico Brain Injury Coalition

From Connie Massie, CA, (MTT graduate – March 2018)


I started teaching meditation after I finished the training, and it has been really wonderful, and people have been very receptive.  I have been teaching the Hong-Sau meditation technique, during my Restorative Yoga sessions, as well as other settings.  I have completed the last meditation class in a series of four classes on stress reduction. I also included a walking meditation.

I was asked to do a meditation class for the Chico Brain Injury Coalition.  At first I hesitated, as I was concerned about the group wide range of disabilities. But finally, I agree to do it.

When I arrived, I was amazed to see that 37 people came for the class.  This was no easy matter for many of them, as transportation and mobility issues are difficult for them.   I did a brief talk on stress and then went on to teach them the Hong-Sau meditation technique.  It was one of those moments in life where I was completely humbled.  The group was so receptive.  They all participated and meditated for over 15 minutes.  The class was supposed to be only 1 hour.  But I was there for 2 hours.


At the end of the session, I was surrounded by people wanting more information, more resources, and knowledge.  One young man told me that he previously had a practice prior to his head injury, and didn’t think meditation would ever be available for him again.  I gave them the information about meditation Ananda Website: Be the Change, and Ananda Free Meditation App.

On the way home I felt an overwhelming sense of Grace surrounding me, I can’t even begin to describe the joy I felt; just this intense knowledge that our purpose is to help others, and that I was guided by the line of my gurus, to do so.  I certainly learned to forget myself, and remembered that we are connected with all other beings.

I am so grateful for the training and knowledge the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training have given me.  I had no idea of the depth of this gift.

With gratitude and appreciation;
Connie Massie

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