Meditation Students’ Healing Experiences

From Ananda Meditation Teacher Training graduate Ines Hudson:

I’ve had many students who have seen major positive changes in their lives after starting the practice. Some that come to mind are:

A woman who used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, after starting a practice of yoga and meditation, in just 3 months found she had been freed from all nervous tension and hasn’t had a panic attack in 2 years.

Several students with high blood pressure had the dosage of their medication reduced by half and some no longer need medication at all.

A grad school student, who now meditates before studying to refresh her mind, says she has become very efficient with her time and  accomplishes a lot more work than she did before taking up meditation.

A middle-aged man who had surgery on both knees cut back on pain killers after he started meditating and went on to win a medal in a cycling competition. He attributes his success to the consistent meditation practice he took up immediately after having knee surgery.

These are some of the many wonderful blessings people have received from this beautiful practice.

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