Why Are You Teaching?

As yoga teachers, it is wise to reflect on our passion to practice and share yoga. Practicing yoga, sharing yoga: the two are interdependent. None of us would be driven to teach if we didn’t find our own practice inspiring. … Continue reading

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Restorative Yoga Pose for Spring

  Spring offers us the opportunity to look at life’s circumstances with a fresh new outlook. As nature continues its cycle from winter—a time to be inward—we’re now encouraged to come out of our cocoon of comfort and explore new … Continue reading

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The Connection Between Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is a necessity in our multifaceted lives, and yet it doesn’t come easily for most people. People want to try it, but they find it is more difficult than they ever imagined. How hard can it be?! Sitting up … Continue reading

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Autumn Restorative Yoga Pose

Autumn is a time of change: the leaves fall from the trees and the weather signals a time of transformation for nature, animals, and people. With the energetic activity of summer behind us, there is now an opportunity—with encourage from … Continue reading

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Yoga and Epilepsy

During my early years of nurses’ training, I took a job on Saturday mornings piercing ears at a local department store. In the early 1980’s ear piercing was a new fad and stores wanted people with medical training doing the … Continue reading

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A Restorative Yoga Pose for the Summer

 Supported Bridge Pose “I offer every thought as a bridge to divine grace.” This pose will give you an experience of slowing, cooling, and introspection. It is an antidote for living in an age, which manipulates our brains and nervous systems … Continue reading

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My Healing Experience with Ananda Yoga Therapy

I recently discovered the enormous power of Ananda Yoga Therapy to change consciousness (specifically, my consciousness!). For almost a year, I had been dealing with chronic pain in my neck and upper back. When one day my chiropractor said with … Continue reading

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Returning to Yoga after a Back Injury

By Lynn Lloyd This past year, I returned to teaching yoga after a nearly two-year hiatus while I recuperated from a painful back injury: a bulging disk at L5-S1, which was further complicated by a very inflamed sacroiliac joint. How … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Meditation

  As a new mom this year, I’ve noticed many changes in my spiritual practices. For one thing, there seems to be less time to do them! “Free time” is when our baby goes to sleep (for however long that … Continue reading

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Prenatal Yoga: A Visualization for Expectant Mothers

  Yoga, as many people have experienced, can be much more than just a physical practice. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to tune into Spirit, particularly in the aspect of Divine Mother when preparing for motherhood. Divine Mother … Continue reading

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