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“I am calm, I am … an EU official”

by Dijana Zorić, Brussels, Belgium In October 2017 I had an opportunity to teach meditation at the Council of the European Union, where I had been working for the last four years (since Croatia’s accession to the EU). Some EU … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy in Cold and Flu Season

  Recently at Ananda Village, we had the first cold, wet day of autumn. It reminded me to begin paying more attention to staying healthy. People often do that through flu shots and more-careful hygiene. Yoga offers many additional ways; … Continue reading

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Online Meditation Teacher Training

Ananda’s comprehensive meditation teacher training (MTT) is now available in a 10-week, 100% online format. OMTT (Online MTT) incorporates the very best practices of modern distance learning. As a result, trainees have been amazed at how supported they feel, because … Continue reading

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Returning to Yoga after a Back Injury

By Lynn Lloyd This past year, I returned to teaching yoga after a nearly two-year hiatus while I recuperated from a painful back injury: a bulging disk at L5-S1, which was further complicated by a very inflamed sacroiliac joint. How … Continue reading

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The “Right” Way to End Deep Relaxation

People often ask, “When we come out of deep relaxation in Savasana, why do you always have us roll onto our right sides? Why not the left side?” I sometimes jokingly answer, “I want everyone to roll the same way … Continue reading

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Taking God Out of “God”: A Crash Course in Semantics

by Kyle McDonald As Ananda-trained yoga and meditation teachers, many of us find ourselves teaching in environments where our language skills are put to test, particularly in replacing or avoiding the word “God.” This year, I had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Rendering Grateful Service

by Michelle Dossett As the end of Ananda Yoga Teacher Training approached, and I realized that it would likely be six weeks before I would have a chance to lead a yoga class or sadhana back home, I wondered if … Continue reading

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The Secret of Happiness, An Ode to Right Attitude

Presented By Nayaswami Gyandev at Spiritual Renewal Week The Secret of Happiness An Ode to Right Attitude, by Nayaswami Gyandev Ah, sweet happiness, so often sought In places and ways where it simply is not: In people and things and … Continue reading

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Wandering Mind

While thinking recently—probably during meditation, unfortunately—about how to stop my mind from wandering during meditation, I recalled Swami Kriyananda’s advice in his book, Affirmations for Self-Healing: Concentration should not involve mental strain. When you really want something, it is difficult … Continue reading

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Teaching Yoga to Seniors & People with Osteoporosis

A Report from the Trenches by Susan Hayes, E-RYT 500, Mountain Top Yoga, Auburn, CA For fifteen years, I’ve been teaching yoga. In December of 2012, I did something that changed the direction of my yoga teaching in a very … Continue reading

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