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Teaching Meditation

By Anandi Gray, Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Graduate Recently, my friend Diksha asked me a question, “How many people have you taught to meditate?” As I considered my 30 years of teaching, I was surprised to realize the answer is: … Continue reading

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Yoga Alliance’s New Policy on Yoga Therapy

The Bhagavad Gita teaches us that Life is a Battlefield, so we shouldn’t really be surprised when two of our national yoga organizations seem to be engaged in turf battles. However, on closer examination of the reactions to Yoga Alliance’s … Continue reading

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Peace and Harmony Prayer

“My fellow teacher is asking me to do her work and then complaining to co-workers that I’m to blame for her problems. I am so angry at her that I can’t sleep, I can’t even acknowledge her presence when I … Continue reading

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Online Meditation Teacher Training

Ananda’s comprehensive meditation teacher training (MTT) is now available in a 10-week, 100% online format. OMTT (Online MTT) incorporates the very best practices of modern distance learning. As a result, trainees have been amazed at how supported they feel, because … Continue reading

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