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No Introductions Necessary

It seems that we may have a friend in common – Thomas Tamas. He seems to make his acquaintance often and readily makes friends. Mr. Tamas is the source of numerous missed opportunities and difficulties. You may recognize him by … Continue reading

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Heal Yourself with Ayurveda

Many years ago, I began seeking alternative healing modalities, as I wanted to stay well and healthy in natural ways. Throughout the years I have explored many such modalities: homeopathy, vegetarianism, shiatsu, therapeutic dance, breathwork, meditation, yoga practice, and more. … Continue reading

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The “Right” Way to End Deep Relaxation

People often ask, “When we come out of deep relaxation in Savasana, why do you always have us roll onto our right sides? Why not the left side?” I sometimes jokingly answer, “I want everyone to roll the same way … Continue reading

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Taking God Out of “God”: A Crash Course in Semantics

by Kyle McDonald As Ananda-trained yoga and meditation teachers, many of us find ourselves teaching in environments where our language skills are put to test, particularly in replacing or avoiding the word “God.” This year, I had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Rendering Grateful Service

by Michelle Dossett As the end of Ananda Yoga Teacher Training approached, and I realized that it would likely be six weeks before I would have a chance to lead a yoga class or sadhana back home, I wondered if … Continue reading

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