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Spiritual Counseling
at a Distance

Do you need help finding clarity? Ananda’s counselors have many years of training and experience helping countless people, built upon a foundation of daily meditation, introspection, and living the everyday spiritual life.

We offer spiritual counseling, not psychotherapy. We don’t try to “fix” you. Rather, through questions and working together, we help you clarify the issue, your goals surrounding it, and some possible next steps that will support your spiritual growth. As much as possible, we seek to help you discover your own solutions, but we will also make any suggestions that seem appropriate.

You’ll speak with your counselor using Skype (your computer needs to be set up for it), or you can make an appointment for counseling over the phone.

Please call 1-800-346-5350. Let us know if you would prefer a specific counselor (Gyandev, Diksha, Mangala, Maitri, Mantradevi, or Anandi), or let us know the basic subject you’d like to talk about, and we can find the appropriate person for you.

Please give us a few days’ notice to get this set up. The cost is $75 per hour (paid with a Visa or Mastercard).

Please send us a Question for more information:



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